Theoretical computer science (TCS) looks at the computational universe around us through the lens of mathematics. The span of problems in TCS include both the design of new models for computational problems as well as the study of efficient algorithms (and computational complexity) for various tasks in well established models. In addition to being central to computer science, in recent decades, TCS has forged strong connections with several areas including biology, economics, physics and law.

The Theory Group at Penn has world-renowned researchers working on core areas of algorithms and complexity as well as applications to areas including algorithmic fairness, cryptography, computational biology, databases, game theory and data privacy.

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image from Theory Seminar: Aaron Roth

Theory Seminar: Aaron Roth

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image from Theory Seminar: Shivam Nadimpalli

Theory Seminar: Shivam Nadimpalli

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Theory Seminar: Kate Donahue

Theory Seminar: Jon Schneider

Theory Seminar: Mordecai Golin

Theory Seminar: Sergei Vassilvitskii

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